- Wear thick sweatpants and sweatshirt
- Bring a change of clothing so you have something dry to wear after your wrap
- Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated!


- You have your own private room with 1 hour to do whatever you please. You may read, watch a movie, play games, or even snooze!
- Silicon pads that are wired will send infrared heat through the layers of your body to your core and back. While going through these layers the infrared heat will break down toxins and burn fat cells to be sweat out.
- Wrap targets trouble areas! Will be wrapped around your thighs, hips, abdomen, and arms

Great for:

- Burning calories - up to 1,400 per 1 hour treatment
- Increase your metabolism for up to 36 hours after the session
- Stimulate weight loss
- Diminish appearance of cellulite
- Body contouring and slimming
- Smooth and Rejuvenate skin
- Reduce stress, Manage pain
- Detoxify


"I'm on my 10th session and I love it. I have lost 10 lbs and I can't get enough. I feel wonderful and I continue my journey of losing weight and feeling great. I suggest that if you are ready for change in your life that you try the bodywrap because it has changed mine!" -Jessica

"Like many women out there I wanted to lose that cellulite on my legs and the love handles that exercise won't seem to get rid of, after the first session I definitely felt detoxified, after the 3rd session I started seeing a difference in my legs and abdomen. This treatment is definitely worth it!" -Yelp Review, Sarah